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Cook, and his butler all immediately traipsed into the room.

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Following a fiber-filled lunch, Mr. I thought of cool tranquil lands with Who needs ppering waterfalls. Betty suggested I take a gander in my purse while handing each of us a restorative brewski. So we leave trusting that a true story is in fact true to the reader. I was really beginning to hate the smell of talcum powder and having my pussy kissed.

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While it was obvious she had taken much care dressing in her white uniform, and her full breasts and long dark hair were her own, her broad shoulders and height made me wonder if she was really a woman. I know that other babies do have nannies and babysitters, and I know I really am a baby now.

With Justine lifting me by my forearms, I managed to get to an unsteady but upright position, and waddled Diapr along the hallway to my nursery. Her rompers are in the top drawer of the tall bureau. They just grew and grew and grew in my diaper which got tighter and tighter. Whether I was in adult or baby mode, there was nothing I loved more than being on my changing table and having my diapers changed.

It was Baby Heaven! Luckily and again, in the most limited sense of the word Johnny proffered a possible solution to my fiscal woes.

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Justine carried me easily from the nursery to the garage, and lowered me gently into the canvas sling seat to secure me with the safety harness. Apparently, Sally and Jennifer had also experienced a costly downturn in their fortunes at the very same gambling emporium. She insists that we spend Thursday evenings together for an adult dinner, and afterwards she requires me to spend at least two hours on the computer, responding to my adult baby e-mails, and writing an entry to my blog, or working on another Part of our semi-true story for the Warp My Mind site.

So one night, Ms. However, there are no regrets. The nursery is back the way we just came.

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Wounded gazelle on the Serengeti Plain were sitting pretty compared to me. Between short moments of watching toddler television that now seemed to suit my Diper limited abilities, I was suckling slowly at the last remnants of baby formula in my nurser. Having quickly dispensed with the pleasantries, he pulled down his sweatpants and began to pleasure himself in front of us while his staff looked eerotic in silence. I was beginning to feel a mite anxious to go along with a lot nauseous.


I now weighed no more than ninety pounds and resembled a slender pre-teen girl much more than a man of any sort. A Side Note: Have you ever noticed that when bad guys on TV shows and movies tie up women, they never seem the least bit interested in feeling up their captives? To tell the truth, I was on the verge of fainting from nerves as I sat there with my boobs practically sticking up my nose.

Even in Storied Mode I felt confused by her appearance. Burkeville VA housewives personals

Do not repost ANY of the stories here in part or atories whole without permission. Whenever I failed to happen upon boys of sufficient cuteness to cause a tingling in my nethers, she was more than an adequate substitute to finish off a night of too much alcohol and too little cock.

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Rearguard came first, pulling out quickly and spewing his jolly juice all over her shapely ass cheeks. Releasing me, she drew me to a seated position to begin dressing me in the outfit she had selected.

Many an evening, I would lower my face down into the soft moist fruit between her legs and joyously feast upon her bounteous loins. Cook to come in and greet us. A crystal clear revelation sent down from the heavens that would be my guiding light. Had we been robbed! We were all a tad on the woozy side by the time the Dizper pulled up to the biggest fucking mansion I had ever seen. A baby was what I wanted and needed to be, I knew.

It was truly horrific feeling those big lumpy poop-logs pushing themselves out of my anus with Milf dating in North palm beach to go. But alas I chose an alternate course of action. Having a Nanny or babysitter is just part of being a baby, like needing diapers or sleeping in a crib.

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The journey was pleasant enough, mostly spent consuming herculean amounts of imported champagne in an effort to somewhat calm or drown our frayed psyches. I was impressed. Anyways, Mommy says she knows what best for babies, and only bad babies argue with their Mommies. Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight.

I stayed true to my heart because no matter how rich Mr.

I believe our mercy liquid was a Bavarian ale called Swinkels. Justine tucked my curls inside the bonnet carefully, and drew the straps into a large bow under my chin.