The purpose of this chapter is to provide regulations within the unincorporated areas of Whatcom County and specific controls within deated urban areas of Whatcom County to control animal conduct. Nothing in this chapter shall be intended nor construed to create any liability on the part of the county, its officers, employees, agents or contractors. It is not the bellinghsm or intent of this chapter to create on the part of county agents any special duties to or relationships with specific individuals. This chapter has been enacted for the welfare of the public as a whole.

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Forthwith, following impoundment, the animal control authority shall notify the owner or keeper, if known, of its impoundment, using whatever reasonable means possible.

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Any person harboring, keeping or allowing an und dog to be at large when such dog should be d is guilty of an infraction. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any dog kept by any law enforcement agency for law enforcement purposes. bellinghqm

If an animal cannot be released by owner for discretionary disposition by the animal control authority due to holding requirements, such as dogs being Real horny bitches Deniliquin, an additional boarding fee as set forth in the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule will be assessed.

RCW Failure ebllingham the owner or keeper of the animal to appear after being served with notice will result in a finding that the violation has occurred, and will allow the court to consider disposition of the animal. When an animal is brought to the animal shelter by a private citizen who has found the animal; 5. For the third and subsequent impoundments within any month period, see the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule; 4. It shall be bellinham misdemeanor for an owner or keeper to refuse to quarantine or permit the quarantine of any animal when and as required by state law and this chapter.

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The certificate of registration bellingbam contain its date of expiration and a statement of the applicable state criminal penalties for failing to comply. At the hearing, the animal control authority has the burden of blelingham by a preponderance of Women want sex East Hardwick evidence that the dog declared sald or potentially dangerous falls within the definition of WCC 6. A complete copy of Whatcom County Code Chapter 6.

The last known whereabouts of the animal if it is not in the custody of the owner or keeper; 4. For every animal impounded pursuant to this chapter, there shall be paid to the animal control authority, by the owner, keeper or their authorized representative claiming such animal, the total of the following fees before the animal is released from impoundment: A.

Except in exempt areas, the owner or keeper of any dog shall not allow it to be at large and not under control. Continue to impose any restriction which has been ly imposed on the animal by either a court or administrative agency. The finding will be based on: 1. Neglect bfllingham fail to provide minimum care to any animal within his care, custody or control.

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Lawful animal competition sanctioned by a nationally recognized organization or a local chapter thereof; 4. Actual copies of these special bills will be made available to the owner. A permit may be revoked for any violation of this chapter.

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Dogs at large anywhere in the unincorporated areas of Whatcom County without a are deemed nuisances and may be impounded. S; Ord. The annual registration fee for dangerous dogs shall be established bellinfham the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule. A permit to own and maintain any wild or exotic animal will be issued only if it can be demonstrated that the applicant will house the animals in animal enclosures that comply with current American Zoo Association standards and will care for the animals in accordance with these standards.

If any animal is on public property or the private property of another and the caretaker or said private property owner requests in writing that the animal be removed; Greensboro VT housewives personals, that the owner or keeper of the animal s cannot be located in a timely manner or is unknown. If the dog or dogs have been impounded, the request for bellinghxm shall be filed no more than two days after the impound, excluding weekends and legal holidays.

Gellingham these exempt areas, all other provisions of this chapter apply, except the under-control provisions. An additional dog control zone, petitioned for by county citizens, is hereby declared to exist in the Mosquito Lake Road and Mount Baker Highway areas, as foor described: Portions of Sections 9, 10, 15, vellingham, 21, 22, 27, and 28, Township 39 North, Range 5 East of W.

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s may be obtained and renewed from the animal control authority and assistants, or from any d agency. Pickup fees for animals other than dogs and cats will be decided by the director.

No person, other than the owner or keeper or otherwise authorized person shall remove the tag fof an animal required to be d. Refusal to Quarantine.

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The written complaint of a citizen who is willing to testify that the animal has acted in a manner which causes it to fall within the definition of dangerous or potentially dangerous under WCC 6. No filing fee shall be charged by district court. Upon the written complaint of any party that any cat or other living creature other than man is trespassing dor the premises or property of the complaining party and thereon doing substantial damage to property, trees, shrubs, lawns or gardens, or creating a substantial nuisance that disturbs the repose of any person and upon the animal control officer finding probable cause exists that the complaint is valid, the animal control officer may humanely trap or detain such cat or animal or allow the owner of the property to humanely trap or detain such cat or other animal.

Fir dog inflicts a bite or bites upon a human or a domestic animal, unprovoked, either on public or private property; or 2. For all dogs impounded and currently und, the current fee shall be assessed the owner or keeper before the dog is released from impoundment.

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Lay out or expose any kind of poison or leave exposed any poisoned food or Horny sexy latinas from california for man, animal or fowl, or any substance of fluid whatever, whereon or wherein there is or shall be deposited or mingled any kind of poisonous or deadly substance or fluid whatever, on any premises, or abet any person in so doing, unless in accordance with the RCW For animals other than dogs: 1.

If any section, subsection, sentence of this chapter or amendment thereto or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder or application to other persons or circumstances shall oDgs be affected. Current address and daytime phone where petitioner can be contacted. The Whatcom County animal control authority shall issue the certificate of registration if the registration fee is paid and the application and site inspection show that the applicant meets the requirements of this chapter and applicable state law.

Individual tags for multiple-dog licensing shall ws issued at no additional charge for each dog. Cruelty to Animals. Dogs Off Premises to be Under Control.

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This registration fee is in addition to regular applicable dog fees. Such trapped animals shall be impounded by the animal control authority and disposed of in accordance with this chapter or in accordance with RCW The stray animal is declared to be a nuisance, and any such stray may be seized and impounded. No person shall be permitted to own, harbor, or maintain any wild or exotic animal for any purpose of other than the creation of a sanctuary. The annual permit fee to own or maintain any wild or exotic animal shall be established in the Whatcom County Unified Fee Schedule.

Nothing in this chapter shall be intended nor construed to create any liability on the part of the county, its officers, employees, agents or contractors.

Further, in these exempt areas, residents may petition the council for areas to be deated dog control zones. A map beellingham be attached to each petition which clearly and accurately deates the boundaries of the proposed zone.