Anyway -- Adam Webster: Indiana? Ira Dabney: It's Indiana, right. He was from Fort -- South Bend. Yeah, he was dirgy South Bend. I can only remember sitting down in the mess hall on the floor at night, because they would fold the tables up at night, and we'd sit there and play double solitaire. We played double solitaire.

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So we had what they called special services, which it was a box, that was all it was. I did gamble some, but they call it payday stakes. And we -- I was in punch bowl; a up there mostly the whole time Huntintton was over there and -- hell, when I left, as a matter of fact, when I left, I was in same place, in the punch bowl.

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And so we set up there and we were there building -- building ro and charting mines. And -- gee, I don't know.

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That's all I can remember, basically. And we had -- I forgot.

And the bunks on this ship, they were like six high, and they were so close together that if you wanted to turn over, you had to get out and turn over and get back in on your back because you couldn't -- there wasn't room to roll over and turn over in this thing. And so I challenged them, "Halt! I got like a 'Dear John' I guess you might say.

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I can only remember sitting down in the mess hall on the floor at night, because they would fold the tables up at night, and we'd sit there and play double solitaire. It was an older ddirty, looked like maybe 35 or 40, and a younger fella that looked like he was about I had a job and everything here, so I wanted to get out as soon as I could.

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And they droven -- at the time I got there they had almost droven the North Koreans back to almost to the diryy parallel, which is practically clear out of South Korea, basically. And I didn't ask for his autograph or anything.

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I mean, the ship -- like the trays in the galley, and when you'd try to eat, it slop your coffee all over the place. And I know we were on the deck one night, and, see, this would have been in April, Fuck mahopac. Swinging. the weather wasn't too cold, but -- april of ' Ira Dabney: Took 22 days going over.

And so we were sent out there; we were filling these holes up so we could move our tanks and trucks and things over and our supply line to continue it. I only made dollars a month.

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And we'd play cards. And we'd play cards. Virgnia have the sound of war around you all Virginiw time, "Boom! And I thought I got hit in the arm with a rock, because a lot of debris flew up. So I was sitting there in this guard duty one night -- it was like midnight or whatever. When we picked it up, it blew both his hands off and blinded him, Tears up. And we -- let's see, they -- they tore down our little punch bowl and they put up, I mean, a billboard type like you see out here on the highway.

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And about the wound -- being wounded that was -- we were -- we Huntingtn advanced in what they call the Battle of the Iron Triangle and we come into this Chinese camp. Then we went back down and finished the road -- worked on the road some more.

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The Buffalo Bowl they called it. But, anyway, I had my sleeping back and then I put my poncho hat, which is a water proof, camoflage type piece of equipment.

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But, anyway, yeah, it worked out that way, anyway. So we got us a desk, and we brought it back and worked on it.

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And when we were in the punch bowl he set up -- he set up his aerial stuff, put in poles and everything, like trapeze and swing and do all these different things that aerialists do, and we were quite impressed with him and everything. Excuse me. I said, "Well, if I only get six cans a month, I'm not even going to drink any beer.

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I mean, it was just -- the ship was going back -- it was really rocking. Ira Dabney:.

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And you had to wash in salt water. And I didn't get seasick, but I didn't feel very good the first three days out, but I didn't get seasick. Now, they offered me fifteen hundred dollars Huntingtoon reenlist, but I -- I -- I didn't want to.

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And we lost another guy -- we had a couple of other guys they wanted to go pheasant hunting one day -- there was a lot of pheasant over there, and they wanted to go pheasant hunting. They let me out a day ahead of time. Diry know -- I was standing guard duty one night, and right alongside the road we had dug a -- and it was in the wintertime; it was cold. And they put these up along the road there, and it says, "There's one soldier.