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XIII, p. Jacob married again, Mary Morgandollar, date unknown, but before Hutto sold the land to Samuel Lapham. Adam H. In later s, only the family home is mentioned.

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When a person petitioned for membership, his name was to be read aloud at two xheating, then voted on at a third. XVII, p. During the Yemassee War, a man named John Wort was offered a bonus for a risky expedition to secure munitions and supplies to the fort at St. There is no further mention in state records and there is no record of when the next bridge was built, but one record wices that the road was changed and the bridge moved.

Moses West and John Strobel both claimed title for some time.


A map shows four houses in the area along the road to the ferry, one in almost the same location as the present park clubhouse, whichfrom early records, was the original Philip Givhan home. She was already a married adult and Philip Givhan would have been only five or six years old.

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Her husband, W. If he came from the Alsace-Lorraine area, as many have thought, speaking both French and German was to be expected.

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British Loyalists built a fort on what was the bluff inand a loyalist named William Wort ran the ferry. At that time the Indian path officially became recognized by the state government as a public road with the ferry as an integral part. In addition to the acres he had purchased from Dr, John Swint, Philip Givhan bought several other tracts of land in the Jackwonboro and was given a grant of acres that stretched from Four Holes Creek to the Cypress Swamp. This shows that the Ferry was in active use during the war, which presents the question of what happened if the British tried to use it!

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One of his sons, John Clayton, still remembers living at the park for several years when he fheating. The only time the first superintendent is mentioned is in a general report, undated, but evidently or 6. The other mystery is that a grant of acres would include more than one person. There was some confusion over title to the land.

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Their infant daughter was to receive the rest of the inheritance if she lived to the age of While both were living Job Philip married an English girl. The description of how that pure water reaches Charleston is a story in itself. There Jackssonboro few public parks in America where the life of a community is so interwoven with its history.

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Many have asked about the origin of the name. This is probably true because the ferry was re-chartered in Mrs W.

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The plats of the Swint grants do not show the location of the river, just note that the land is on the south side of the Edisto. Job Philip had made a trip to Cahaba and bought acres of land which later became the town of Hayneville, county seat of Lowndes County, Ala. By the time they moved to the Edisto area, they had at least two children, John born aboutand Elizabeth, born in The South Carolina land had been planted for over years in crops that deplete the soil, mainly rice and cotton, until the land was no longer productive.

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Careful research in the Midway Library has revealed no connection. There is much evidence that he was well-educated, but no record has been found of his schooling. wivves

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The source of the document is unknown except that it seems to be connected to the family of James Maull Givhan, a grandson of Philip. Hutto sometime before May 1,then to Hutto heirs. XI, pp. The existence of a bridge is noted in state records in Eventually it was cut up and hauled away.

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Temporary forts of that time were built with tabby a mixture of lime, sand, and oyster shells that is almost indestructible foundations and clay walls. Records in Memorial book 7,record a transaction in which a Robert Hiett sells the Rawlings acres and ading tract of acres to William Perriman April 10, Michael was 21 years old, and Jacob, George Runph was also commissioned to build a bridge.

He built a home in Givhans and still lives there. The laws of that time allowed an immigrant youth to receive a land grant as early as age No record has been found of the acres after until Dr.

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One record stated that bricks from the old Givhan home were used in laying the walk. Using profane wivfs. The water was so clear and finding the coins so easy, it was a favorite game of the young Indians.

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