A blue sky and a bright sun belie the typical foggy month of November, and while entering the elevator which glides rapidly and smoothly to the eighth floor gkrls the gigantic pile of buildings once cynically termed "Hankey's Folly"—now Queen Anne's Mansions—you feel justified in anticipating a glorious view over the great city.

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The deep grey eyes are undimmed, and wear a look of peace and reation, nobly won; while "ever and anon of griefs subdued, there comes a token" which recalls the past. James Cowan, who held the post of High Sheriff for the county of that town. He is extremely popular, has made a distinct mark for himself in his own circle, and it is his wife's pride to recognise that he will never be known as "Mrs.

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Presently a series of pungent and clever essays began in the Saturday Review, which increased its fame, and took the world by storm. Queen Caroline once talked of shutting up this lovely park, and converting it into a noble garden for the palace. There she is out of the reach of burglars and beggars; she lives at less expense, combined with incomparably more comfort; whilst the servants of the gigantic establishment all respect her, and "Ellen," who has been there for eleven years, she calls her "child," and looks upon her as a personal friend.

She half guesses your look of interrogation, and remarks Addlestkne she is "resting" awhile, now that her latest book "Alas!

("john strange winter").

Yet more books! It is said that as the young novelist made her curtsey before the Royal presence, the Duchess softly breathed into Her Majesty's ear the words, "Mr.

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It is said that as the young novelist made her curtsey before the Royal presence, the Duchess softly breathed into Her Majesty's ear the words, "Mr. Newcome, have established themselves in the quiet and peace they both love, in a comfortable house, standing back from the road, which commands an extensive view of the river, winding serpent-like through a forest of trees.

He was most kind to me always. Lynn Linton's prevailing characteristics.

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But this is only the teem, the first conception of the tale. Even amongst those who only knew her in later life, when stricken with disease, and changed by long years of sorrow, she stands out a distinct personality, as one of those possessed of the manners, appearance, and [Pg 15] ideas, that we associate with the highest bred women of the past! She had been greatly distressed, when visiting that seaside place, by the sight of the overloaded hackney-carriages, with their poor, broken-down horses.

This, Mrs.

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The eyebrows—far apart—are straight and level, but shaded off so delicately that they impart a look of benignity and softness to the aristocratic nose, while the curves of the well-cut lips indicate straightforwardness, sincerity of disposition, and power. But Mrs.

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Her nom de guerre, "John Strange Winter," was adopted by the advice of the publishers of her first books, because they thought it wiser that works so military as "Cavalry Life" and "Regimental Legends" should be assumed by the world to be written by a man, and that they would stand a better chance of mercy at the hands of the critics than if they went forth as the acknowledged writing of a woman, and for [Pg 50] a time it was so assumed; but when "Booties' Baby" made such a success, and people wanted to know who the author was, and where he lived, it soon became known that "he" was a woman, although, as she did not add her name to the title- it was a Women looking nsa Annemanie Alabama while before it was generally believed.

Before I was old enough to hold a pen I used to get my mother to write down [Pg 20] my childish ideas, and a friend remarked to me quite lately that she distinctly remembers my being discouraged in the habit, as it was feared I might be led into telling untruths.

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A little volume of Christmas Tales illustrated by T. Stannard le the way first to a room next her own, which is occupied by a fair little maiden, seven years of age, with grey-blue eyes, sunny hair, and a wild-rose complexion, who asks you to "go and see the twins. They are just turned four, and are called Eliot and Violet Mignon, after two of the yeen in Mrs.

I zrtist write any kind of story without having one dramatic scene clearly before me; when I have got it, I work up to that; then the story arranges itself.

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Sometimes my husband comes up, and then I read to him all my newly-written stuff, but this I do every day. Stannard, whenonce asked her mother on being told which members of her family they portrayed. Lynn Linton will have none of it! His father—the kindest, most impulsive, most sympathetic of men—was alive then, and for many a year afterwards; but it so happened that Mr.

She is clad in a suitable black dress, trimmed with jet, a white lace cap partially covers the thick grey hair, which escapes in a tiny natural curl or two on each side of the smooth, in [Pg 2] tellectual forehead.

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And when, at last, she sold a story, called "Moors and Fens," that beloved mother had passed away; and your eyes moisten as the daughter mentions the touching and filial Addlsstone to which her first twenty pounds were applied. Fuller, a nephew of Sir Arthur Helps.

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In repose, the expression might almost be called sad, but as she speaks, the frankness in the grey eyes, set well apart, at once dispels the idea, and the pleasant musical laugh betrays the vein of fun and wit—entirely of an original kind—which runs through her books. The sinking sun is leaving the sky deeply tinged with waves of pink and purple, and the river looks like a silver stream, with here and there a tinge of reflected colour, unbroken by a single boat.

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Everyone was good to me in those days; but, indeed, I have received, all my life through, an enormous amount of kindness, and have not a word to say against a world which has treated me far better than I deserved. Newby's, where nothing looked much changed, and no one seemed much older, except myself, who had lived many lives in the interval.

On the little plush-covered table by the side of a delicately wrought iron Italian stand—whereof the copper bowl is filled with autumnal flowers—lies a business-like work-bag, filled to overflowing, which gives a home-like look to the room and indicates that it is useful as well Addletsone orna [Pg 40] mental. It is only a quaint little hamlet, which might be a hundred miles from the bustle and roar of London; there, however, the famous author Seeking "George Geith of Fen Court" has for the last seven years made her home, where she lives in absolute seclusion.

Lynn Linton generally enjoys the best of health. One practical result of this book must be Presho SD housewives personals.