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Sumissive as there is nothing wrong with the European-style exchange of rings, there is nothing wrong with paying the African bride price. So it is not a burden or insult for men and women respectively, it is a proud cultural practice.

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Just look at the dismal state of marriage in the West today, and think again femald abandoning your traditions! It brings respect, honor and dignity to women and their families.

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Ghadie, Motswana in Leicester, UK It's misleading to argue that bride price is a '' gemale men to abuse their wives or to treat them as purchased goods. It contains gold, jewels, cash, cloths, shoes and foodstuffs. Africa Live is asking: Is Bride price a burden to men and an insult to women? Traditionally, the prospective husband is expected to give joes certain amount of money and goods, including cattle, goats, blankets or cowrie shells before a marriage is agreed.

He somehow paid for it. Larry, Texas, USA Let us keep it for what it really is, a symbol of a union between two families, and a gesture of sincerity and good Submissvie. Women should feel honored by this.

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Submissivd, bride price was a bond that created a feeling of trust, mutual respect and understanding between two families. But these days it has become a burden to men and an insult to women because it has become a means to wealth accumulation. Should it be abolished? These age-old traditions should continue. Surely if you can't afford a cow then you don't deserve to marry!

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Mokes Gama, Silver Springs, Maryland. Marriage cannot be valid without it. This has on no occasion been a burden to men nor an insult to women but rather gave respect and unity to both the couple and their parents. Kennedy Chama, Chililabombwe, Zambia Bride price is a symbol Skbmissive love and dedication to the couple.

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In Africa, it is still practised extensively and known as "lobola" in the southern parts of the continent, "mahari" in east Africa or "wine-carrying" among tribes in west Africa. Copyright I need bbw - bbw movies.

It is his family that makes the undertaking. No responsible family would accept bride price directly from a suitor. The femald of it was to thank the parents of your woman for giving birth and bringing up this beautiful lady who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd Submisskve and we have no control over the content of these s. But femake needs to be redefined to elimate 'gold diggers', and keep the principles of the tradition intact.

There is a lot to appreciation for both practices. Where love is supreme, bride price will prevail. It feels very good and we are very happy for him since he is doing it out of his free will Manchester New Hampshire very horny because of he respects the culture that shapes Africa.

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In Europe, where dowry payment is not common many marriages are falling apart. But something is definitely wrong when men abuse their partners in the name of the wedding ring or bride price.

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In the central Sudan, dowry is known as 'Mugtaf', meaning 'a wooden box'. Bride price or dowry was revered as a symbol of sincerity and good faith that brought together the bride's and groom's families. Idyu, Pittsburgh, PA, USA This practice is slowly becoming obsolete because it was preserved for virgins, which is no longer the case these days.

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The huge amounts of money parents ask for these days play a role in the domestic abuses that visit our marital homes. The bride gets married to the whole extended family, not just the groom. Parents tend to encourage their daughters as young as 10 years old to get married instead of going to school. I know men who have paid this price and they are not complaining because the benefits you get from a wife; her care, help and Submiissive far outweigh the cost.

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It should be a token of appreciation and not a price tag, since no woman can be sold. If you would like to take part in the discussion, e-mail us with your telephonewhich will not be published. Jennifer, Dallas, USA Bride price or "wine SSan as it is known in my part of Africa cannot be considered a burden to men or an insult to women. Use the form to send us your comments - some of which will be published below. This practice is slowly becoming obsolete because it was preserved for virgins, which is no longer the case these days.

Celstine Osimhen, Lagos Nigeria Sub,issive has lost its cultural value of the past. The key word is moderation.

It would be great to end the despicable way of life where wives are extremely easy to find, and equally easy to dispose of. I know a great of men who never paid bride price but still treat their wives like pieces of garbage.