Early years[ edit ] Born inSanz learned how to ride a bicycle when she was two years old.

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I never thought that years later I would be able to accomplish them.

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He passed away from a heart attack when I was 10 months old, and my mother was pregnant with my brother, Sultan. She also took part in an international female Trial competition for the first time.

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Back then, I was just doing it because I knew that my father wanted to ride, and I wanted to commute easily and independently. Laia's older brother, Joan, also a motorbike aficionado, had a Montesa Cota 25 cc. She always treated us equally.

News channels started reporting on me, and the site got more popular. And when I came back to Lahore, he contacted me and said he wanted to help me achieve my dream. I was careful.

The Dakar and Motorcjcle edit ] In Sanz finally got the much awaited chance to train for the Dakar Rallyhood dream, and ed the Dakar Legend Jordi Arcarons as a trainer, another childhood dream. Little did I know they would help me find my own.

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That I have a responsibility. For the season she raced for Gas Gas.

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Also that year she took part in the Spanish Trial Championship, where she was the only female rider. Yes, I was a Pakistani in Wantec.

Year-old birthday wish: to ride a motorcycle

What were his dreams and passions? I wanted to know what routes I should follow and what I should carry with me. The first contact with a motorbike came the gil year, when her father used to seat her on the petrol tank of his bike and ride her around.

He was really discouraging. My father was in the Pakistan Army and very conscious of his weight and something of a fitness freak, but I guess fate had other plans.

Why women ride: the faces of female motorcycling

When I started learning, it never occurred to me that what I was doing was something that would make TV news. And she wins it.

With that step she ed a male-dominated sport without any female championships at the time. Hearing this from a biker was heartbreaking for me, because the only place I was expecting a lot of support was from the biking community, and the opposite motorcyxle.

She won the Female class, and managed a consistent performance with a 39th position overall. Sanz suffered and accident during the 4th stage and injured her hand and damaged the petrol tank in her Gas Gas cc but she kept going and managed to finish the stage. But motorccyle my conversation with these bikers, there was one man who was eavesdropping.

She also takes part as a member of the Spanish team in the first edition of the Female Trial Des Nations. By the time she was four, the passion had grown and, without telling anybody, she began to ride her brother's motorbike. She never differentiated between me and Sultan. I was scared. I used to take lessons from my brother three times a week, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. She was only twelve years old and competing against more mature raiders, attracting attention from fans and professional teams.

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She has won World, European and Spanish titles with both makers. People are more conservative in Lahore, and I started to have to think twice about what I wore. But when I was 12, we came to Lahore.

Wanted girl with motorcycle

Eith of Zenith Irfan Riding through the mountains always helps me feel free. She has raced for Betabut in she moved to the official Montesa team.

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He started sending me advice on WhatsApp on witn to carry and what YouTube videos to watch. Inhe came with me, my brother, and some friends on a trip to the Khunjerab Pass, which connects the borders of China and Pakistan. The next year she ed the Championship from race one.