She organically creates and des dynamic fluid yoga sequences, infused with deep spirituality. In her classes she incorporates mantras, breath work and Kriyas to release untouched energy and Prana.

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With grace and sense of playfulness, she guides you through a somatic journey to access a direct experience with your body and increase present-centered awareness to leave you feeling connected and medtation alive.

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Erin embraces the playful imperfection that comes with the practice of yoga and always reminds students to smile. Inher path came full-circle when she was presented an opportunity from her mentor and became the new owner of The Yoga Tree, the very spot where she began her teaching career. Ryan came to yoga in the late 90's in search of self-healing. Off the mat, Ally can be found enjoying all that New England nature has to offer on hikes or at the beach with her dog Gansevoort and spending time with family and friends.

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Also inspired by Jo Tastula, Matt Pesendian, Micheline Berry, and many other world-class teachers throughout his years on the mat, he has come to find his own unique voice as a yoga guide. Her goal is that every student leaves her class Garyy a clear mind and peace of heart.

With this foundation, tremendous growth can occur! She teaches to share this gift and help others to feel better in the life they lead.

Sarah Winslow RYT Sarah discovered yoga in and fell in love with its ability to calm her mind after a demanding day. This will help you release trapped patterns and come into greater joy through your own creative expression. There are no expectations to become a master and she finds comfort in kaugh. She bridges the philosophy of Yoga and Yooga authentic traditions coming from India, making them accessible to the modern 21st century Yogi.

She loves to spend time with family and friends, be in her garden, and adventure in nature.

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She lauhh lives and teaches vinyasa yoga group classes and workshops in the DC metro area and le international retreats, as well as corporate classes and corporate retreats. Casey Deschene RYT Casey has always been an active person, constantly finding new ways to challenge herself. As a passionate movement enthusiast, kinesiology geek, and strength fanatic, I continually explore novel ways to infuse my yoga teaching with sound biomechanics, applied anatomy, mediitation skills, the promotion of self-efficacy, and an overall zest for playful explorations.

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She weaves together Eastern Philosophy with Western Psychology to curate a holistic exploration of the mind, body and spirit while using asana as a vehicle for insight and healing. She now works to create a safe and welcoming environment where students are comfortable exploring their physical and mental capabilities — and discovering they are capable of more than they think.

Yvette has been practicing and studying meditation for over a decade, specifically in the Vipassana, Tantric, and Zen traditions, and now integrates the transformative practice of devotional prayer and mantra meditation into her daily rituals. Gopi also lived in a Bhakti Yoga ashram for 10 years, where she studied and taught Indian philosophy and mantra meditation.

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She began teaching while working her corporate job in the city. She focuses on Iso a companion Prana Vinyasa sequences built around an intention or dedication that you can carry with you off the mat. As an English major, I began frequenting the campus meditationn as a way to counter-act long periods of sitting with my nose in a book or my fingers on a keyboard.

Yoga Gary love laugh meditation

When not teaching yoga, Sheetal has the pleasure to serve as a pediatrician in Northern Virginia, providing care for her sweet little patients while offering guidance to their parents as they navigate through the wondrous journey of raising healthy, brightly inspired children. When I am not teaching yoga or attending births, I spend my time hiking with my three-legged dog, Bunny.

Yoga Gary love laugh meditation

Meditatino, Cynthia assists teacher trainings in DC. Casey has learned to have patience with herself and has gained a much greater appreciation for process.

Yoga Gary love laugh meditation

My classes are strong, slow, anatomically aware, and aimed at developing functional movement patterns in the body and space in the mind. As an athlete throughout her youth, she first looked to yoga as a physical practice but over the years discovered the benefits extended to her total wellness.

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Having trained with Gopi Kinnicut in Prana medifation Vinyasa Flow, Sandra is comfortable providing all levels instruction, modifications, and hands-on assists. It's always such a privilege to share fresh, functional, and joyous interpretations of physical conditioning for folks seeking a deeper level of exuberance from their embodiment.

Yoga Gary love laugh meditation

Rooted in sound alignment, intelligent sequencing and rhythmic unity between the breath and body, she aims to foster a safe space for her students to leave their cares Broken Arrow Oklahoma look sex the door and be totally present on the mat. Christina Barbieri RYT Christina began practicing yoga when she was 15 and her sister took her to her first jivamukti class.

Here she found an amazing sense of community and a strong connection to her physical as well as more subtle energetic bodies which reignited her love of yoga. I'm fascinated with discovering ways to blend my meditatoon yoga experience with the latest research-based wisdom from the field of exercise science.

Yoga Gary love laugh meditation

She is transitioning into new massage and yoga experiences and will update schedule with any new classes and massage information as it becomes available on her website: www. In her classes she incorporates mantras, breath work and Kriyas to release untouched energy and Prana.

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Kerrie is also the mother of two amazing kids and was drawn back to the practice of yoga through prenatal yoga. She finds it incredible fulfilling in sharing the lessons learned on and off the mat. It was then that Sheetal discovered yoga classes at her local gym. Carolyn passionately believes that the opportunity to study and teach what was transmitted by her teachers, is a gift she will never take for granted.

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Drawn to the practice for its holistic healing, physicality, and capacity to cultivate equanimity, Caroline completed her first hour training with Frog Lotus Yoga in The flow, the music, and the challenge initially attracted her to the practice, the peace of Wright city OK bi horny wives and fresh perspective kept her coming back.

Incorporating her dynamic background as a Dancer into her sequencing along with a profound sense of intention and mindfulness within the practice creates a gracefully poetic approach to a Prana Vinyasa flow. This included picking up skateboarding in her early 20s, eventually resulting in a torn ACL and meniscus.

Recognizing that yoga was a strong and ificant passion of hers, not only as a lifestyle but as a career, she left her corporate position in to pursue teaching full time.